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Professor Shu Chien will be speaking at the C.S. Wu's Symposium

World Renowned Physiologist and Bioengineer Shu Chien of the University of California San Diego Will Speak at the Event to Honor Madame Chien Shiung Wu


Professor Shu Chien

We are honored to announce that Professor Shu Chien of the University of California San Diego will be one of the multiple distinguished speakers at the event on September 24 in honor of Madame Chien Shiung Wu.

Professor Chien is professor emeritus in the Department of Bioengineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Unquestionably, he is a leading expert in the study of how blood flow and pressure affect blood vessels. Chien is also the Director Emeritus of the UC San Diego Institute of Engineering in Medicine.

Professor Chien also has the rare distinction of being one of the 11 renowned scholars in the world who are members of all three U.S. national institutes – the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine. He is also an Academician of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, as well as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The citation for his election to be a member of the National Academy of Engineering is

“For outstanding contributions to elucidating the engineering foundation of cardiovascular dynamics, and integrating engineering and biomedical sciences for the development of the biomedical engineering profession.”

On October 10, 2011, the then President Barack Obama honored Professor Shu Chien in a White House ceremony for the seven eminent researchers to receive the National Medal of Science, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on scientists and engineers.

In accepting our invitation to speak at the event, Professor Chien said with emotions that:

“It was a tremendous honor and privilege for me to know Professor Chien-Shiung Wu, one of the greatest scientists and mentors ever lived. I met Professor Wu when I began my Ph.D. study in Physiology at Columbia University in 1954 and frequently thereafter. During breaks from her world-leading research work, she would sit down with me to talk about life and science. She instilled in me the fundamentals of doing research, including the choice of important problems, being innovative and creative in planning, performance of the work with rigor and accuracy, and combination of experiments and theory; these principles have guided me throughout my career. My wife KC and I had the pleasure and privilege of being invited by Professor Wu and her husband Professor Chia-Liu Yuan, who was also a great physicist, to their home. Professor Wu was also marvelous in culinary arts. She showed us the importance of balancing family and career and how to treat everyone with loving care and dignity. I have been tremendously inspired by Professor Wu and extremely grateful to her for what she has done to my life and career.”

About the C.S. Wu Global Forum

In order to commemorate Madame Chien Shiung Wu's 110 Anniversaries, Nanjing University Alumni Association United States (USAAUS) will host the first C.S. Wu Global Online Symposium, on September 24th, 2022. It welcomes scientists, teachers and students all over the world to join this open event.

The son of Madame C.S. Wu, Dr. Vincent Yuan, expressed his great pleasure in approving the NUAAUS to organize this commemorative event.

The U.S. Postal Service wrote to NUAAUS and authorized the use of Chien-shung Wu commemorative stamp to honor her as "one of the most influential nuclear physicists of the 20th century".

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