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To commemorate 110th anniversary of Madame C.S. Wu

We are hosting a online symposium on 9:00AM (ET), September 24, 2022

Red and Orange Gradient

Organizing Committee Members

Da Hsuan Feng (Coordinator)

Fellow of the American Physical Society, Nanjing University Board of Trustees Honorary member and Honorary Professor, Former M. Russell Wehr Professor of Physics, Drexel University, Former Vice President of Research, the University of Texas at Dallas

“I am deeply honored that the nearly 20,000 members NUAAUS has bestowed me the heavy responsibility as the coordinator of this event in honor of Madame C. S. Wu. There is no doubt that Madame was and still is the most distinguished alumni of National Central University, which later on morphed into Nanjing University. She was and still is, as her granddaughter wrote in her most heartwarming article about her grandmother a truly outstanding human being that belongs to the world!”

Yifang Wang.jpg
Yifang Wang

Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy Physics, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an alumnus of Nanjing University’s Physics Department.

“I am very fortunate to have followed Madame Wu’s speech in 80’s at the Nanjing University and in 90’s at CERN, which inspired me tremendously. I remember very clearly her suggestions to the Nanjing University to work on neutrino physics, a special moment in my mind persistently in the last 40 years.  I am honored to have graduated from her Alma Mater, where her thesis advisor, Prof. Sze Shih-Yuan (施士元教授) taught thousands of students in 70 years, including my teachers and myself. In addition, I would like to mention that Prof. Sze was the last Ph.D. student of Madame Curie, this is indeed a marvelous connection between the two greatest women scientists in history.”

Shu Chien.jpg
Shu Chien

Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering and Medicine, University of California, San Diego. Academicians of seven International Academies. Recipient of the National Medal of Science of the United States, the highest award bestowed to a scientist or engineer in USA."

It was a tremendous honor and privilege for me to know Professor Chien-Shiung Wu, one of the greatest scientists and mentors ever lived. I met Professor Wu when I began my Ph.D. study in Physiology at Columbia University in 1954 and frequently thereafter. During breaks from her world-leading research work, she would sit down with me to talk about life and science. She instilled in me the fundamentals of doing research, including the choice of important problems, being innovative and creative in planning, performance of the work with rigor and accuracy, and combination of experiments and theory; these principles have guided me throughout my career. My wife KC and I had the pleasure and privilege of being invited by Professor Wu and her husband Professor Chia-Liu Yuan, who was also a great physicist, to their home. Professor Wu was also marvelous in culinary arts. She showed us the importance of balancing family and career and how to treat everyone with loving care and dignity. I have been tremendously inspired by Professor Wu and extremely grateful to her for what she has done to my life and career.

Lars Brink.jpg
Lars Brink

Professor of Physics of Chalmers Institute of Technology, Member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences and the former member of the Sweden Academy Sciences Nobel Committee in Physics

” This definitely is a grand opportunity for the world to once again pay our deep respect to one of the most admired human beings of the world, a truly distinguished scientist, whose work was and still is era-changing!

Andrea Liu.jpg

Hepburn Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania

Member of the United States National Academy of Sciences

“I was a child when my father, a theoretical physicist, first told me about Prof. Wu and her achievements, which should have been recognized with a Nobel Prize. I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity to help celebrate this extraordinary physicist.”

Andrea Liu
Xiang Zhang.jpg
Xiang Zhang

Ernest S. Kuh Endowed Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of California, Berkeley, President, Hong Kong University. Dr. Zhang is also an alumnus of Nanjing University, Member of the United States National Academy of Engineering

“The Department of Physics of Nanjing University and its predecessor, the Department of Physics of National Central University, have an excellent and profound intellectual ambiance and tradition, and is one of the most influential physics centers in China. It has been the center to nurture a significant number of highly influential Chinese scientists, and even the world. The most representative figure is unquestionably Madame C. S. Wu. I am honored and am deeply proud to have the opportunity to graduate from the Physics Department of Nanjing University.”

K. K. Phua
K.K. Phua

Founder and Chairman, World Scientific Publishing Corporation (Singapore)

Fellow of the American Physical Society

Evelyn Hu.jpg

Tarr-Coyne Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Harvard University.

Member of the United States National Academy of Sciences, A PhD student of C.S. Wu

"I am very touched and grateful that the Nanjing University Alumni Association of the U.S. will hold an event to honor my teacher. With the benefit of hindsight, and the good fortune to serve as researcher and teacher myself, I realize more fully the challenges that Madame Wu undertook and answered."

Evelyn Hu

Ford Foundation Professor of Physics, University of Maryland

Former President of the American Physical Society

President Science Award

Member of the United States National Academy of Science

“C. S. Wu is one of the American scientists who was always an inspiration to me. Growing up as a minority in the United States, her achievements in life as a minority and a scientist, are truly exemplary to me.”

Sylvester James Gates, Jr.
Fabiola Gianotti

CERN Director General. Member of the Italian Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Sciences and the foreign member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Amy Graves.jpeg

Walter Kemp Professor in the Natural Sciences at Swarthmore University, Member of the American Physical Society’s Committee on the Status of Women in Physics and Fellow of the American Physical Society.

“I have always admired the remarkable C.S. Wu; her contributions to physics and to the cause of gender and intersectionality in physics are legendary”

Amy Graves
Young-Kee Kim

Professor Yong-Kee Kim (김영기), Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor and Chairman of the Physics Department of the University of Chicago.

Elected President (2024) of the American Physical Society.

1_C S Wu Global Forum Press Release_Yan  06012022.jpg
Nien Yan

Professor Nien Yan, Shirley M. Tilgman Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University.

Member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Zhaoyang Yang

The Representative of the various Southeast University alumni associations in the United States

Chengning Zhang

President, Nanjing University Alumni Association United States

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