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American Physical Society (APS) Encourages High School Teachers and Students to Join C.S. Wu Event

American Physical Society (APS) Encourages High School Teachers and Students Interested in Science to Participate in the Event to Honor Madame Chien-Shiun Wu

As one of the co-organizers of an event on September 24, 2022 to honor one of the great female physicists of the 20th century, Madame Chien-Shiung Wu, the American Physical Society is initiating an effort to encourage high school physics teachers and students in the United States to participate virtually in this event.

The following is the information for all interested to join in this event.

Dear Physics Teaching Colleagues:

Your students no doubt know about the great Mme. Curie, but have they heard of Mme. Wu? Please help us publicize an upcoming Sept. 24 symposium (both real world and online Webinar) honoring the remarkable Dr. Chien Shiung Wu. This event is sponsored jointly by the American and Chinese Physical Societies and many others.

A Chinese immigrant to the U.S. born 1912, C.S. Wu was perhaps the most outstanding woman experimental physicist of her time … the “Queen of Nuclear Science”. Her accomplishments were amazing: from work on the Manhattan Project, to conducting the first experiment to show that “the universe is lefthanded” (mirror-symmetry does not apply to all interactions), to being the first woman president of the world’s largest society of physicists (the American Physical society). Wu was nominated many times for a Nobel Prize and won a stunning series of other prizes during her lifetime. There was a U.S. stamp issued in her honor in 2021.

This event marking the 110th anniversary of Wu’s birth was scheduled on a Saturday morning from 9:00-11:30 AM E.T, to allow those who teach and learn on weekdays to join us and hear about her remarkable life in physics. Please join us! Please help and invite your students to do the same.

With warm wishes,

The Organizing Committee

About the C.S. Wu Global Forum

In order to commemorate Madame Chien Shiung Wu's 110 Anniversaries, Nanjing University Alumni Association United States (USAAUS) will host the first C.S. Wu Global Online Symposium, on September 24th, 2022. It welcomes scientists, teachers and students all over the world to join this open event.

The son of Madame C.S. Wu, Dr. Vincent Yuan, expressed his great pleasure in approving the NUAAUS to organize this commemorative event.

The U.S. Postal Service wrote to NUAAUS and authorized the use of Chien-shung Wu commemorative stamp to honor her as "one of the most influential nuclear physicists of the 20th century".

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